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2020 - First Quarter Update


January 15th, Gary and Jerri accompanied Jacob Tice to Bolivia where he planned to stay until he would return to the States in April…thus, volunteering his services for three months to take the dairy to a new level of efficiency. His wife, Marlene, waited on her retirement from nursing in February to join him in Bolivia March 11. Gary and Jerri returned home on January 24 after getting Jacob acclimated to the work at Andrea’s Home and the farm. Jacob and Marlene were both raised on dairy farms in Pennsylvania. After they were married, Marlene graduated with a degree as a Registered Nurse.

As you read his impressive resume, you will see why we have been blessed beyond measure for Jacob’s work at our farm where he is implementing much that he has learned over the years:

  • Graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology

  • Spent three months in Costa Rica continuing his education in the Spanish language

  • For 12 years, he, Marlene, and his brother dairy farmed his family’s home farm

  • In 1990, Jacob, Marlene and their 3 young children moved to Panama to help with a “need for milk” advertised in a Dairyman magazine. There he learned about tropical diseases, nutritional needs, and pasture management specific to dairy cows in the tropics. He also learned many other ways of working, managing and teaching numerous aspects of running a dairy farm in the tropics

  • Jacob also managed the finances and payroll within the guidelines of the complex labor code laws

  • In late 2003, the family returned home as the children would be attending college in the States

  • At that time, he worked for Horizon Organic’s MD eastern shore dairy as grazing and milking parlor manager for two and a half years

  • In 2011, Jacob and Marlene moved to Florida to manage a 400-cow grazing dairy for six years.

  • Moving back to their home in Delaware, Jacob retired but kept busy with projects for others, and volunteered two days a week for Habitat for Humanity.

Thank you, Jacob and Marlene, for using your gifts and talents to serve in the ministry of

Love in Action and Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy.



We want to give you an update on how the staff and the children have been coping with everything to get through the coronavirus crisis at Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy.

While writing this update (the end of March), Gary spoke with our Director, Angel Paniagua, who reported that it looks as though the restrictions—which have been very similar to those we all have had here in the States; that have been placed on Bolivia, could be loosening up by April 15. We also recently got word that there is not one case of the coronavirus in all the Beni region—a large area of northeastern Bolivia which is about 1/5 of the country. Andrea’s Home is in the northeast corner of the Beni region just a mile river crossing from Brazil. We are so thankful for our family and friends there and pray those statistics won’t change.

But we want to share with you in words and pictures how everyone is doing with all the changes imposed on their lives there these past few weeks.

The restrictions that have been in place for several weeks now in Guayaramerín:

  • All places of worship closed

  • All schools closed

  • All stores and shops closed except for grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. Only one person per family is allowed at these places and must return home by 1:00 pm

  • All travel—by car, bus, taxi, and plane has been suspended except for emergencies

  • With permission, one can travel by motorcycle or motocar

  • The military has been patrolling the streets to assure that the restrictions are being followed

We’ve sent you some pictures to show you how everyone is doing as they are restricted from leaving the Home. The partial staff is doing an excellent job to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Baking bread together while at home due to the isolation restrictions.

School is in session! Homeschooling while the schools are closed.

Jacob and Marlene Tice give a demonstration on how to properly wash hands.

Working together doing everyday chores.

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