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2019-End of the Year Update & Highlights

The end of 2019 was busy and full for the children and families at Andrea's Home of Hope and Joy. Here are some of the highlights. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. We are looking forward to what the Lord will do in 2020.


The school year in Bolivia runs from February through November or December.  Each year the children give presentations on what they have learned.  Our students have classes in the main subjects of Math, Science, Language,  and Social Studies.  In addition, they have classes in Physical Education, Music, Computers, Christian Education, and Arts and Crafts.


The AWANA program also ends in December with awards given.  Pictured is the entire group in the church gymnasium and some of our children with their teachers; most of whom are parents and staff at Andrea's Home plus the older teens who have studied to become teachers.


Christmas with the parents and their children in Casa 1, Casa 2, Casa 3, and Casa 4--each with their present.  Thank you to all who gave so that the children would have a wonderful Christmas


Gary and Jerri make the trip to Bolivia to see the first young lady (Carmen who has grown up at  Andrea's Home of Hope and Joy) graduate from high school. A happy time for the Quinceaneras--Alejandra and Tamara, and a graduation celebration for Carmen.


The younger children are part of the Christmas Drama at their Church.

The children give their choir recital as part of their school presentations at the end of the school year - 2019


The children enjoy activities including their annual Summer Camp and husking corn for tamales for Christmas. The corn for the tamales came from our farm.


Pastor Saul and Matilde's new home on the property adjacent to Andrea's Home of Hope and Joy is dedicated at Christmas time.  They are so thankful for their very own first home, and we are so thankful that this dear couple are serving full-time as chaplain, counselors, and kitchen coordinator and purchaser of food items and household goods for the dining hall and all the casas.

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