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Happenings at the Home - 2021

We can't believe that 2021 is already halfway over! Here is an update on what has been happening at Andrea's Home of Hope & Joy and Love In Action International Ministries!


Andrea's Home of Hope & Joy 13th Anniversary

Celebrating 13 years at Hogar de Andrea in Guayaramerin, Bolivia

In June the staff and children celebrated the 13th anniversary of the opening of Hogar de Andrea.

Over the years many photos have been taken at the front entrance of the Home. Children have come through these gates abandoned, abused, and forgotten. The Lord has used Andrea's Home to bring restoration, hope, and joy to these children! Starting with 10 children, Andrea's Home is now home to over 90 children! God is so very good!

We are so thankful for God's provision and blessing and what He is doing through the ministry! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Andrea's Home!


Return to School & Fun Times with the Children

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the children at Andrea's Home also had to do all of their schooling at home. They were very excited to be able to resume classes as usual this school year. The Bolivian school year runs differently than the US school year and the children started back in March. Thank you to everyone who gave to provide school supplies. This is an ongoing need throughout the school year. Follow the link to partner with us in continuing to provide the needs for the children's schooling.

It isn't all school and no play! The playground at Andrea's Home received a facelift this summer and a trampoline was also added. The outdoor playtime is a great way for the children to get all the wiggles out after a school day! Thank you to everyone who gave to keep the playground in good repair.


Project Updates - Women's Dorm and Cafe/Bakery

Women's Dorm - As our children grow older, the need for a place for them to transition into adulthood has also grown. In 2020, we completed the team housing at Andrea's Home for the Men's Dorm when several of our boys came back from military service in Bolivia. In 2021, it was our goal to complete the Women's Dorm for some of our girls. We were able to complete that goal and now have furnished dorms for both boys and girls. This is a temporary solution as we wait to begin construction on a transitional apartment for our children who are aging out of Hogar de Andrea. A special thanks to those who continue to invest in these children as they grow and go out into the world.

Cafe/Bakery - Close to Andrea's Home in Bolivia, we have been working on the construction of a Cafe/Bakery. We are pleased to announce that the construction of the building is 100% complete! Now the next step toward the grand opening is to furnish it with the equipment needed to operate. The total amount needed for this is $100,000. Once the Cafe/Bakery is open, it will provide a sustainable income toward the monthly needs of the children at Andrea's Home. In addition to an income, the Cafe/Bakery will also provide a chance for our teenagers to work and learn a trade. We have several teens that are already very excited about the opportunities this venture will provide. Thank you to everyone who has partnered with Love In Action to complete this project.

Follow the link below to give toward furnishing the equipment and completing this project:


Back to Bolivia Trip & Costa Rica Research Trip

Back to Bolivia - In January 2021, Love In Action directors Gary and Jerri Zimmerman made their first trip back to Hogar de Andrea since the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the longest they had been away from the home and everyone was excited to be reunited and introduced to new faces as well. Volunteers Fred Nolt and Jacob Tice were also on this trip and stayed to complete work at the home and the dairy.

Costa Rica Research Trip - After being delayed, directors Gary & Jerri Zimmerman and board members Greg & Winona Gorman made the trip to Costa Rica to look at potential property for another Andrea's Home of Hope & Joy. They looked at several properties and were able to speak to local child services and a local church. Throughout their trip, the Lord showed a real need for an orphanage in a particular area. The need is real and the model of Andrea's Home would work well in the area. If you are interested in building a home in Costa Rica, please reach out at



Last year many of you gave to help cover medical expenses for Ismael to be examined by an eye doctor. COVID delayed his examination. But thankfully he was able to go in March to have his eyes examined and hopefully corrected very soon. Please continue to pray for Ismael and thank you to everyone who gave!


2021 Mission Team Trips

Unfortunately due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Love In Action has decided not to send any mission teams to Bolivia this year. We hope to resume mission teams in 2022. You can visit our webpage for updates on future mission trips to Andrea's Home in Bolivia. We know many of you are excited to return!

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