Happenings at The Home - Fall 2021

As we see 2021 begin to wind down, here are some things that have been going on at Andrea's Home and in Love In Action International Ministries. From gardening to the end of the school year approaching to just everyday happenings, Andrea's Home has been busy caring for God's kids!

Septic System Installation

This summer Andrea's Home needed to connect to the city water and septic system. This has been an ongoing need and because of your giving, we were finally able to meet this urgent need.

Rototiller and the Home Garden

Every year Andrea's Home has a garden to help offset food costs and for the children to be able to help and learn. This year, because of the generosity of donors, we were able to purchase a rototiller for the garden. This was a huge help to the men who were able to enlarge the current garden and prepare the garden for planting.

End of the School Year - Pre Graduation

The school year is coming to an end in Bolivia and we have 2 students who are getting ready to graduate! Jimmy and Tahis are both going to be graduating this year. In Bolivia they have a pre-graduation ceremony to celebrate and encourage the students.

Bible Study and Awana

The children at Andrea's Home regularly participate in Awana or (Oansa in Spanish) and spend time together to study and encourage each other in God's word. Andrea's Home is about so much more than just meeting the basic physical needs of the children. Our mission is to also introduce them to Jesus and disciple them as they grow in their walk with the Lord.

A Day at Summer Camp

At a Swiss Mission Campground nearby, the children enjoy a day off from the normal routine for a day of fun together.

Monthly Needs at Andrea's Home

As many of you know there has been a shortage of funds to meet our monthly budget for the needs of the children at Andrea's Home. We are so thankful to everyone who faithfully gives and partners with us in this ministry. The need is great and every little bit is deeply appreciated by the children and the staff. If you would like to partner with Love In Action visit our donate page for monthly giving opportunities and special projects.

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