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Happenings at the Home - Spring 2020 Update

From staying home due to COVID-19 to celebrating Mother's Day and welcoming two new children, Hogar de Andrea has had a full spring.


COVID-19 and Staying at Home

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to affect the world, the house parents, children, and staff at Andrea's Home are still staying home to slow the spread of the virus. Schools are still closed and the children are doing at home learning. Helping in the kitchen, outside chores and play are all helping to pass the time. Recently food and basic supplies have been challenging to acquire and our staff has been working extra hard to ensure that the children's daily needs are met. Thank you for your continued support through prayer and giving during this time. Please continue to pray for the health and safety of our staff and children.


Happy Mother's Day

May 27th is Mother's Day in Bolivia! The families at Andrea's Home celebrated the mothers and ladies who sacrificially and selflessly care for the children. From special gifts to a day off in the kitchen, the mothers were all shown how much they are appreciated.


Welcome to Andrea's Home

Hogar de Andrea welcomed 2 new children this spring. Ayelen (6 yrs old) and Josue (2 yrs old) arrived at the home at the beginning of May. They are adjusting well and their new siblings love them so much already.

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