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Throughout the school year, school supplies are always needed. books, uniforms, writing utensils, and paper are all needed in our Christian school on campus as well as for our children that attend public school. Giving toward these supplies helps give the children at Andrea's Home a quality education that will give them many opportunities as they grow. It also puts the necessary tools in the hands of the teachers who are educating the children. This need is not just for the beginning of the school year but throughout the year. Please be praying for our children as they learn and for our teachers as well.

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RIBERALTA - another home

Can you see it? Can you hear the children laughing and singing? Can you see them playing and healing? Can you see the Lord working?

Since the beginning, it has always been the hope to establish multiple homes throughout Latin America and South America.  Love In Action has been in possession of this parcel of land in Riberalta and it is ready to be developed into a second Andrea's Home of Hope & Joy. The need is great...already the home in Guayaramerin is bursting at the seams with children. Another home would help to alleviate these needs and give the opportunity to rescue more children and share the gospel with them. This project is shovel-ready we are only waiting on the funds to begin. Can you see it? We can! 

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As the children at Andrea's Home begin to grow into teenagers and young adults, there is a need for a place for them to transition to independence. This time is very crucial and some children have even expressed concern over "what will happen next?" The transitional apartment provides a safe location for these young adults to move into independence. Some are attending university and some are working and learning a trade. This transition apartment is a part of our aging-out program that we are working to create and implement. Your gift would help make the transition into adulthood smoother. And please be praying for these young adults who are getting ready to go out into the world. 

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Designated gifts can also be mailed to:

Love In Action International Ministries

717 Old trolley Road Suite 6

PMB #301

Summerville, SC 29485

Checks can be made out to Love In Action. 

Be sure to designate where you would like your gift to be used by writing it on the memo line of your check. 

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