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Andrea's Home of Hope and Joy

Andrea's Home of Hope and Joy is unique in that it provides a loving, family home atmosphere for orphaned, abandoned, abused, and extremely poor children.  Approximately 20 children live in a home with substitute parents in each of the four houses on the main campus. They are provided with clothing and medical care, three nutritious meals a day, education, sports and activities, and vocational training. Our staff members such as the kitchen staff, helpers in the houses, office personnel, and teachers all work together to provide a loving and safe environment for the children. Our goal is not only to show every child at Andrea’s Home the love of a family; but more importantly, the everlasting love that Christ has for them. Join us in praying for the children, house parents, and staff at Andrea’s Home.  If you would consider donating for the daily needs of the Home, please click the donate button below.


It has always been LIAIM's vision to establish multiple homes throughout Latin America.  Love In Action has been in possession of six acres of land in Riberalta for 11 years.  We are thankful that it was made possible to begin Phase 1 of Andrea's Home #2 in June of 2023 with the construction of the multi-purpose maintenance/team housing building.  A team from Summerville, South Carolina worked together with the Bolivian crew followed by another team in July from Strasburg, Colorado, and a third team from Springfield Missouri in July.  The Bolivian leadership agreed with the concept of planting a church for the community on the property.  The church will be a church home for the children of Andrea's Home and also for the community.  The cornerstone for the church was placed on the property in July with a team from Springfield, Missouri.  If you would like to donate for the continuation of the Riberalta building project, please click below.


As of 2023, many of our children have graduated from high school and are ready to attend college or a trade school to prepare them for Independance as young adults. Less than two years ago in 2021, we recognized the need of initiating an ageing-out process for these youth.  It was at this time that the decision was made to build an apartment on the Home's adjacent property to the main campus. The building layout is designed for five separate rooms for 20 girls...four to each room at one end of the building, and five separate rooms for 20 boys...four to each room at the other end of the building.  A small apartment for a mentor couple is being constructed in the middle.  The youth will be required to have a part-time job to pay a portion of their room and board, and strict rules will be in place for curfew times, and other boundaries. Please join us in praying for this important project and for our young adults.  If you would like to donate for the completion of this project, please click below.


We have completed the construction of a cafe/store in the center of Guayaramerin, Bolivia, and a bakery on the property next to Andrea’s Home. We are pleased to announce that the construction of both buildings is not only complete but they have been furnished and were opened in February of 2023.  The bakery is supplying goods to be sold at the cafe/store which will help provide a sustainable income toward the monthly needs of the children of Andrea’s Home. In addition to income, the Cafe/Store and Bakery are providing opportunities for our teenagers to work. We have several teens who are now working at the SNACK Cafe while they attend classes at a college or trade school. We appreciate your continued prayers for this project; that God will bless it and use it to bring in a profit to help meet the monthly needs of the children of Andrea's Home.


Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy has been blessed with 230 acres of land not far from the Home in Guayaramerin. On this acreage, we have a dairy with approximately 50 cows and bulls, two large vegetable gardens and 100 or more fruit trees and bushes. The dairy cows have already provided enough milk to be used at the home with additional milk being sold.  This money helps to meet some of the basic needs at the farm.  There is also a spring and water source on the land that could be used for potential business ventures that would sustain the home as well as the sale of vegetables and fruits.  There is also room on the property that could be used for other projects such as a large chicken coop, and an apiary/ bee yard.  All of the existing projects and future projects would help not only Andrea's Home in Guayaramerin, but also the second Home in Riberalta to be partially self-sustaining by providing income to help meet the monthly needs of the Homes. Pray for God’s continued blessing and provision over the farm and the hands that run it.  If you would be interested in helping us with any of these future projects or existing needs at the farm, you can donate by clicking the donate button below.

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