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Andrea's Home of Hope and Joy

Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy is unique in providing a home atmosphere for abandoned, orphaned and abused children in Bolivia. The children who live there have a secure, home atmosphere with house parents in one of the four houses on-location. They are also provided with clothing and medical care, three nutritious meals a day, education, sports and activities and vocational training. Our staff members such as the kitchen staff, helpers in the houses, office personnel, and teachers all work together to provide a loving family environment for the many children who live at Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy. Our goal is not only to show every child at Andrea’s Home the love of a family, but more importantly, the everlasting love that Christ has for them. Join us in praying for the children, house parents and staff at Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy! And if you’d like to donate to the daily needs of the Home, please click the donate button

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It has always been a vision to establish multiple homes throughout Latin America.  Love In Action has been in possession of a parcel of land in Riberalta and it is ready to be developed into a second Andrea's Home of Hope & Joy. The need is great...already the home in Guayaramerin is bursting at the seams with children. Another home would give the opportunity to rescue more children and share the gospel with them. Pray with us for the process of building another home in Riberalta and for the children, substitute parents and staff that will eventually live at this home. If you would like to donate to the Riberalta building project,

please click below.

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There is a school located at Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy for grades kindergarten to sixth grade. Pray with us for the teachers and children as they work and grow each year! Also (as with any school) there is a constant need for basic school supplies (writing utensils, paper, books, etc.). If you would like to donate towards any school needs at Andrea’s Home, please click below.

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As the children at Andrea’s Home reach their young adult years, we’ve recognized a need for separate apartments until they reach independence in adulthood. There is land close to the home that will be used to build these apartments by the end of 2022. The building will have a side for the girls to live and a separate side for the boys to live. Teen mentors Saul and Matilde live next to the apartments so the teens can continue to seek out and receive the counsel they want and need. Join us in praying that this process and transition will go smoothly and also for mentors Saul and Matilde as well as the teens that will live in these apartments.

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We have been working on the construction of a cafe/store in the center of Guayaramerin, Bolivia and a bakery next to Andrea’s Home. We are pleased to announce that the construction of both buildings is complete! They are being furnished and will be open for business by the end of 2022. Once open, the bakery will supply goods to be sold at the cafe/store which will help provide a sustainable income toward the monthly needs of the children at Andrea’s Home. In addition to income, the Cafe/Store and Bakery will also provide a chance for our teenagers to work and learn a trade. We have several teens that are already very excited about the opportunities this venture will provide. Join us in praying for the opening of the cafe to go well and that God will use it to teach, provide, and build healthy relationships within our community.


Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy has been blessed with 230 acres of land not far from the home in Guayaramerin, Bolivia. This land now has an operational dairy, garden and orchard. The dairy cows have already provided enough milk to be used at the home! The harvest from the garden and orchard has also been used in the meals for the children and will soon be sold and/or used at the cafe and bakery. There is also a spring and water source on the land that can be used for potential business ventures that will sustain the home as well. Pray for God’s continued blessing and provision over the farm and the hands that run it. 

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