Andrea’s Homes of Hope and Joy are always growing to meet the needs of orphaned, abandoned, abused, and extremely poor children in Latin America. Construction projects include expansion of Andrea’s Home in Guayaramerin, as well as Homes in Riberalta, Bolivia, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Each Andrea’s Home consists of individual houses for substitute parents and children, a dining hall, a Christian school, and a chapel. These buildings provide the opportunity for the children at Andrea’s Home to be cared for, educated, and loved.


In addition to the buildings on the property of Andrea’s Home, two buildings—a dairy barn and house—have been constructed on another property of 230 acres which was gifted to Andrea’s Home of Hope and Joy.  Plans are in place for the construction of a water purification and bottling plant utilizing a natural spring on the acreage.  With a fish hatchery, several hundred fruit trees, and a future vegetable garden and chicken coop, this farm will be able to supply many of the food products for the families at Andrea’s Home.  All surplus products will be sold in our store/café located on a nearby property, which was also gifted to Andrea’s Home.  On a fourth property adjacent to the Home, a processing plant and bakery will soon be constructed.  The farm and other businesses will provide the children with the unique opportunity to learn planting and harvesting, caring for animals, and processing milk.



Andrea's Home is in the process of opening a cafe/bakery in Guayaramerin. This venture will open many opportunities for the children at the home.  Eventually, the cafe/bakery will help to provide income to support the needs of the children at the home. Another benefit will be employment opportunities for the teenagers living at Andrea's Home. Construction has been underway and we are ready to complete the finishing touches and begin bringing in equipment. Our goal is to open in the near future. 

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